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Mimi Whittaker Certified Life Coach / Writer / Speaker
 Mimi Whittaker Certified Life Coach / Writer / Speaker 

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Hi! My name is Lori and I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the Dream Builder Program with my dear friend and wonderful coach Mimi. 


Dream Builder was such an exceptional life changing, mind shifting,  program and Mimi was there every step of the way guiding me through each lesson and breaking me out of my shell. Mimi helped put me on the path to my dream and really opened up the all of the channels I needed in order to be successful at reaching it.


I have learned to apply many of the lessons and techniques I gained from the program to every aspect of my life. The tools you are given will help you not only realize your dream and what you may be longing for,  but also change your mental habits and open you up to so many opportunities.


I would like to thank Mimi for introducing me to this program and being such an incredible coach. She is not only a friend but an inspiration ❤️

Lori Baca,  Lucerne, CA


Mimi was a wonderful coach and encourager as I went through the Dream Builder Program with her.  She was a great communicator and had exceptional knowledge of the process and divine skill as she worked with me each week guiding me through each Lesson I had completed on my own.  During our calls each week, Mimi made suggestions for my better understanding of the work, so I grew even more with her coaching and ideas.  Doing this work with Mimi has given me great encouragement to live my life in a different, much more positive way than I have been all these years.  I have a path and a plan that Mimi helped me create that I refer to often now.  She also gave me her inspiring book Happiness Is Your Purpose.  I highly recommend it!  Mimi also had recommendations for other books that I purchased that were all excellent and helpful.  Finally, a word of appreciation to Mimi for presenting the opportunity to do this Dream Builder Program with her.  Also, thank you to Mary Morrissey for developing the program. I now have a process to make my dreams come true!


Linda Wix, Surprise, AZ


I am a woman in my late twenties who has been utilizing Mimi’s wisdom for the past decade. She has helped me get through some of the most confusing, bizarre, tumultuous times of my adult life. I have never felt judged by her no matter how much embarrassment or shame I may have projected on to myself. Mimi really knows how to listen beyond the simple act of patiently waiting for one to finish speaking. She picks up on emotions, circumstantial influences, and cosmic nudges from the universe which I (or the subject seeking advice) certainly would never be able to detect otherwise! If a discussion starts off scary and heavy, it will without a doubt end on a relaxed, welcoming, even inspiring note. Mimi has a unique gift by being able to enter grueling jungles of mental chaos and taming them into safe, sacred spaces for anyone involved. She will make you laugh while simultaneously holding up the mirror you’ve been too afraid to face yourself with all along. Honestly, when I get into stressful situations my silver lining is realizing that I’ll have an excuse to call Mimi. I absolutely adore her attitude, innovative advice, and realistic yet utterly humble approach towards life. I’m not sure where I’d be without her!
Jill Crawford, New Orleans, LA


"Mimi Whittaker is an incredible mentor and Coach. She brings expansion in my life through knowledge, humor and caring. Bi-weekly, by phone she takes each of my problems and dissects them. Then she gives me the tools to work them out over the next couple of weeks. Of course, some problems take longer, but the tools are always with me and she reminds me of them!

Through Mimi's guidance I am taking better care of myself and building my dreams higher than I ever thought possible.  I have been working with Mimi for almost 3 years now and cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Barbara Luchte, Portland, TX


Mimi Whittaker has been a dear friend for decades. I am continually blessed by her friendship, companionship, joy, heart-warming smile, and boundless empathy. Mimi always inspires, motivates, supports, and clarifies areas that may be otherwise wrought with fear, doubt, anxiety, or shame and inserts happiness, peace, and the many dimensions of self-love, thereby leading one to self-renewal, encouragement, new heights of self-realization to identify, uncover and fulfill one's dreams.

JJudy Steljes, Kelseyville, CA


"Mimi Whittaker has been coaching me for the last 8 years. She is insightful and intuitive and I am constantly amazed how quickly she assesses my issues.  I have been helped immensely by her clarity

and vision and she delivers her messages in a caring way.  I recommend Mimi as a great coach!"

Phillip Hauseman, N. Ft. Myers, FL


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